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-| Karmic Rhythms |-


The fundamental truth of life

The hidden orders of life: An introduction to the ancient Indian world-view

Karma- the eternal mystery (part 1)

Karma- the eternal mystery (part 2)

Parrots, Hexagrams And Numbers - Synchronicity- An a-causal connecting principle



-| Yoga, Vedanta & Buddhist Psychology|-



Back To Cosmic Roots

The genesis and evolution of early Indian thought-1

Is it possible to concentrate on ‘Being' rather than ‘Having'?

Brahma Vihara Bhavana- A meditation for change

The Five Subtle Elements And Their Tanmatras - Their Properties , Nature and Role

Agni-Soma': the yogic model of human behavior for managing self and others

'Agni-Soma' functioning- Level 1 ( intra personal level)

'Agni-Soma' functioning- Level 2 ( inter personal level)

Synopsis of the seven levels of 'Agni-Soma' functioning

Agni-Soma' and the spiritual practices of Yoga: a brief overview



-| Veda & Tantra |-


Back To Cosmic Roots

The Matrix of the Unborn 2- the Tantric concept of Creation
The Tantric Path: The Journey Back to Cosmic Roots
Tantra- the alchemy of transformation
Mahakala- the Great God of Time
Sacred Myth – A Therapeutic Tool
Siva Panchakshari mantra the way to eternal bliss

Vyasa and Parasara- the fulfillment of a great mission by a father and son




-| Predictive & Psychological Astrology |-



‘An integrated psycho-spiritual approach to Jyotish'

Jyotisha through the ages

The Nine Grahas

The different schools of Vedic Astrology

Divisions of Jyotish

The Four Goals of Life

The Astrological Basis of The Hindu New Year

Ingénue to Femme fatale and Laughing stock to Living legend

The role of the Dasamsa in the Rise and Fall in one’s Career and Status

Swara The Breath of Maheswara

Light on ‘KARAKA'

Ruling Planets, a near-mathematical model of the phenomenon of Synchronicity in Astrology

Vedic Astrology Basics: An Outline

Natural Benefics & Malefics

Functional Nature of planets based on their ownership

Planets and lordships of the 12 zodiac signs

The Quadrants, Succedents and the Cadents

The Enigma of the House Systems


Fixing A Muhurta - An Outline of The Steps Involved

The Vedic Zodiac

The Essentials of Reading a Prasna chart- A practical example

An introduction to the I Ching

A systematic Approach to Medical Astrology: an outline


-| Ayurveda & Healing |-


Healing from the Source-1: an overview of the ancient Ayurvedic approach

Healing from the Source-2: The somatic, psychological, karmic and metaphysical aspects of illness

Healing from the Source-3: the Ancient approach to Treatment