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Course Outline


Course: PG Certificate in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy (level: advanced; stream: general)

Total Modules: 20

Credits: 36

Duration: 9 months

Contact Hours with Trainer: 72 hours

Total Learning: 500 hours

Mode of training: Lectures, Discussions, Videotapes, Case studies, Role-play, Reflective log, Family of Origin Coaching, Assignments

Course trainer: Dr. Satya Prakash Choudhary



Syllabus/Topics covered in the training:

Module 1:

Introduction to Counselling and Psychotherapy

Counsellor: Person and Professional

Ethical Issues in Counselling Practice

Examining our world view and its influence on our approach to Counselling

Modernism and Postmodernism as relevant to Psychotherapeutic approaches

Evidence-based approach to counselling- What constitutes evidence?


Module 2

Humanism: Rogers, May and Frankl

Person-Centered Therapy: Empathic conditions derived from Carl Rogers

An introduction to Psychodynamic Theory & Practice

An introduction to Family Therapy: Strategic, Bowen Family Systems, Milan/Post Milan, Brief Solution Focussed and Narrative models


Module 3

Attachment theory


Modules 4 and 5

Behaviour Therapy

Cognitive Therapy: Albert Ellis and Aaron Beck

An introduction to Schema therapy


Module 6

Ericksonian approaches to Brief Hypnotic Psychotherapy


Module 7

Milan model of Family therapy


Modules 8 and 9

Bowen Family Systems Theory and Practice: Family of Origin Coaching


Module 10

Family Constellations: Bert Hellingers


Modules 11 and 12

Personality theories

Assessment of Personality

Administering Psychological Assessments

Jungian typology

Millon Index of Personality Styles


Module 13

Career Coaching


Module 14

Mental Health Assessment


Module 15

An introduction to Indian Psychology with special emphasis on Buddhist, Vedantic and Patanjali Yoga

‘Agni-Soma' model of human behaviour

Spiritual approaches to therapy


Module 16

Working with Emotions

Acceptance, Forgiveness and Compassion

Anger and Grief management


Module 17

Multicultural Counselling

An Integrative Perspective


Modules 18, 19 and 20

Initial interview- Engagement, Defining the Problem, Goal Setting, Developing Therapeutic Contracts

Interventive and Intentional Interviewing


Family Evaluation

Counselling skills practice

Legal and Ethical Issues in Counselling Practice

Where can I go from here and what can I do next?