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Dr. Satya Prakash

M.M.H., M.H.M., B.D.S., Dip. Yoga., C.C.H.

Master of Mental Health ( New South Wales Institute of Psychiatry , Australia ),

Master of Health Management ( University of Wollongong , Australia ) ,

B.D.S, Cert. Family therapy, Cert. Clinical Hypnotherapy ( Australia )

A graduate of the New South Wales Institute of Psychiatry's ( Australia ), multidisciplinary clinical masters degree in mental health, Dr. Satya Prakash has the unique advantage of a rare multi-disciplinary background and experience. He combines a unique blend of Mental Health/Behavioral sciences, Management and Ancient Wisdom backgrounds. His extensive studies (about 15 years of ongoing training/studies) in the medical model (both conventional and alternative), Counselling/Psychotherapy, Family & Organizational systems, Management and Spirituality, are complemented by practical experience gained through one-to-one interactions in both the clinical and corporate fields. Dr. Satya Prakash provides clinical supervision/training to other clinicians interested in non-pharmacological interventions for mental health and wellness.

Before relocating to Hyderabad , India , to set up the MindCare Clinic & Institute of Behavioral Sciences , Dr. Satya Prakash lived in Sydney , Australia for seven years, during which time he led workshops/groups for more than 1000 contact hours in the areas of Counselling/therapy, self-development, coaching, and spirituality. A dual citizen of Australia and India , Dr. Satya Prakash has traveled widely and is sensitive to multi-cultural influences in his practice. His versatility often involves him in projects that require a multi-disciplinary approach spanning across different fields. His current interests include Mental Health, Counselling/Psychotherapy, Mind-Body approaches to chronic health problems, Personology, Leadership & Management, Behavioural-based Coaching, Human Potential, and Spirituality .

  Dr. Satya Prakash 's accomplishments include:

  • More than 3000 individuals have availed Dr. Satya Prakash 's professional services in the form of Counselling, coaching or group work.

  • Led workshops/groups for more than 1000 contact hours in the areas of Counselling/therapy, self-development, coaching, and spirituality.

  • Published author of over 40 articles in various journals and magazines.

  • Past Editor (2001-2004) of the quarterly journal 'The Vedic Light' published by the OzCVA, a non-profit Australian organization dedicated to Vedic studies.

  • Served as National President, Australian Council of Vedic Astrology , Australia (2001-2004).

  • Studied Yoga & Indigenous Indian Medicine at reputed institutes/ashrams in India; Qualified Yoga teacher ( Yogacharya ) with in-depth knowledge of the scientific applications of Yoga therapy; Studies in Yoga & Indian Medicine total over 1000 contact hours over a period of fourteen years (1989-2003).

  • The insights and practices of Yoga psychology (Vedantic, Buddhist and Patanjali Yoga) have been combined with Western psychology, Leadership and Management studies, to create some of the most powerful tools for self-awareness, transformation and engagement with life. These remain among Dr. Satya Prakash's most acclaimed original contributions as a multi-disciplinary expert. Dr. Satya Prakash has simplified and systematized the best of the evidence-based practices of eastern and western psychologies under the 'Agni-Someeyam © model that he has evolved using the twofold 'RBP-PBR' approach of the scientist-practitioner (RBP stands for "research-based practice" and PBR for "practice-based research"). Two comprehensive inventories (long and short versions) have been developed by Dr. Satya Prakash for assessment and coaching purposes using the 'Agni-Someeyam' © model of 'cognitive-emotional-behavioural' style regulation (at both intrapersonal and interpersonal levels).

  • Dr. Satya Prakash has authored/designed 16 software products in the fields of Ancient Wisdom as well as Health care for Ancient Wisdom Software Pty Ltd, and Meridian Technologies Pty Ltd, Australia . During the development of the software Dr. Satya Prakash has led and managed teams of varying sizes (12 to 40 member teams) over a period of four years between Australia and India .

  • Under Dr. Satya Prakash's guidance, the Enneagram type theory was adopted as a common language by teams of varying sizes during the development of the abovementioned software and the results observed and validated over a four year period. This real-time study on working teams over a period of four years is probably one of its kind in the world by any Enneagram expert. The experience gained and insights obtained led Dr. Satya Prakash to author a book and software on the Enneagram (both of which are to be released soon). Three different Enneagram assessments/questionnaires have been evolved by Dr. Satya Prakash as part of this project.

  • Dr. Satya Prakash has conducted workshops and training classes integrating Yoga Psychology with other individual and systemic therapies. One of the high points is an advanced course that Dr. Satya Prakash has envisioned, developed and taught- the "Advanced Certificate in Integral Yoga" held in Sydney , Australia from September 2005 to August 2006 . This advanced certificate course takes a multidisciplinary approach blending traditional Yoga psychology theory and skills with Cognitive Behavioral therapy, Family Systems theory & Family-of-Origin Coaching, Personology, Developmental Psychology and Positive Psychology. This course is the equivalent of 300 hours of intermediate to advanced learning and was delivered through a combination of sixteen full day weekend intensives comprising of lectures, practice sessions, videos and discussions. The course format also included a Self-study component comprising of readings, maintaining a reflective log and submitting a Reflective essay.

  • Dr. Satya Prakash also runs a successful own dental practice in Hyderabad which he built in partnership with his wife Dr.Harshapriya, a skilled dental surgeon herself.

  • Dr. Satya Prakash's music compositions have been released as audio CDs titled " Sound of the Planets " and " Sound of the Elements ".