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The Hidden Orders of Life


In this section you will find some unedited selections from my forthcoming book "Karmic Rhythms" - The Hidden Orders of Life - which is due for release early next year (around April 2009). Some of the articles here are actually chapters of the book while others are additional reading material that elaborates some ideas in the book. As far as possible while writing the book I have tried to avoid using Sanskrit words unless really required. The actual origin and traditional context of some ideas in the book have been covered in these articles here, while I have refrained from unnecessary elaboration or details to keep the book easy and accessible to all.



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The fundamental truth of life

The hidden orders of life: An introduction to the ancient Indian world-view

Karma- the eternal mystery (part 1)

Karma- the eternal mystery (part 2)

Parrots, Hexagrams And Numbers - Synchronicity- An a-causal connecting principle