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Natural Benefics & Malefics

------ © Dr. Satya Prakash Choudhary



* 1 If Moon is strong.

* 2 Mercury (if not afflicted or in malefic company).

Jupiter> Venus> Mercury

Among these planets Moon belongs to a separate category. If the Moon is strong all Yogas bear full fruit. A weak moon is incapable of bestowing even other planetary yogas fully and renders the yogas useless. Remember that everything has to happen through the Moon (the Mind) first before reaching a concrete level for enjoyment.


Though Rahu and Ketu are generally considered Malefic, one should remember that as Chaya grahas (shadow planets) they take on the qualities of the graha conjunct or aspecting or even the lord of the house in which they are posited.

Conditional: Rahu and Ketu. If these planets are situated with a Benefic - they will have a benefic influence and vice versa for malefics.





A very useful alternative to the Benefic/Malefic (Subha/Asubha) classification is the Soumya/Kroora (Soft/Cruel) classification based on the vedic concept of 'Agni-Someeyam'. In real life we do not always have good and bad, but we definitely have soft and forceful or easy and difficult situations. There are many situations where a soft approach cannot work. In all such situations the cruel or forceful approach of the so called malefics works best. The SOUMYA/ KROORA classification of grahas is highly recommended in chart work. Yet the capacity of badly placed planets to damage that area of life should not be underestimated and hence both terminology should be kept in mind by the astrologer as both have their relative and contextual value in practical work on the chart.