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The Essentials of Reading a Prasna chart- A practical example

  ------ © Dr. Satya Prakash Choudhary

In one of the recent discussions on the jyotish-list, Sri K. N. Rao raised the question whether Sonia Gandhi's children would join politics this year. He wrote, " This can be discussed. Will the children of Sonia Gandhi enter politics this year was the question asked by student, I asked her to see if Vimshottari dasha is connected with the fifth house and if in Chara the dasha of Tula and Mithuna now covers Putrakaraka in the horoscope of the mother. If yes, give a positive answer. It is the time of some prominent activities of her children. Then go into other details .The initial starting point must be logical, I told her. Today Delhi is full of rumours that both of her children may jump into politics within weeks now. My student had given the answer in the positive and she is happy because now it appears that they would enter politics. See Saturn aspecting the fifth lord and also Jupiter in transit. That is the use of double transit. It would have been better if we had their verified correct horoscopes. I never took interest in it till now. Soon astrologers will discuss the horoscope of Rahul and Priyanka."

His post got me interested in probing the matter further. After studying Sonia Gandhi's chart I cast a prasna chart to shed more light on the same taking Sri K. N. Rao's question as the Prasna. Then I posted my analysis on the jyotish-list. Read the contents of my analysis below.


I do not have Rahul or Priyanka's charts with me. Sonia Gandhi's chart is useful but not conclusive. At
least that chart alone will not give us **definite** answers due to obvious reasons. So I will resort to a
combination of prasna and the mother's chart. =====================================================


In a prasna one has to first understand the question clearly. This is very important. There is a difference
between the following four questions :

a. Will Rahul and Priyanka join politics?

(Lagna, sixth (if one has to fight elections) and tenth (public life) houses acquire prominence, but
analysis can be a bit complex as 2 **different** people are involved in the same chart)

b. Will **Sonia Gandhi's children** enter politics?

( lagna and 5th primarily, then tenth. Karyesh is 5th lord here as the emphasis is on her CHILDREN joining
politics. Again complex because 2 people are involved in one chart. What if one joins and the other doesn't?
Atleast 3 outcomes are probable for this question).

c. Will Rahul join politics?
d. Will Priyanka join politics?

Having understood the question properly, one may proceed to analyze the chart with respect to the
**exact** query

STEP 1: Note the Swara.
STEP 2: Fix the Arudha lagna with a number below 108.
STEP 3: Note the planetary details.
STEP 4: Analyze all the above together
STEP 5: Cross check the results for fine tuning with
some other method if required.


Arudha lagna (based on number) is Scorpio 10 degrees.

Udaya lagna: Cancer 29 deg 45 min 40 sec

Planetary details:

Sun: Capricorn 05 deg 55min 45sec
Moon: Sagittarius 18deg 08min 17sec Sag
Mars: Pisces 27 deg 21min
Mercury: Sagittarius 12deg 15 min 27sec
Jupiter ®: Leo 24deg 33min 09sec
Venus: Aquarius 13deg 12min 28 min
Saturn ®: Gemini 14deg 17 min 05sec
Rahu: Aries 23deg 47min 04sec


Rasi chart pic (with AL & UL)

Navamsa pic (WITHOUT LAGNAS)

Drekkana pic (WITHOUT LAGNAS)


I use only Arudha lagna for all analysis. The Udaya lagna (rising sign) is considered just to see the relation between the lords.

1. Arudha lagna and Udaya lagna are in trines

2. AL lord Mars is neutral to Moon while UL lord Moon is friendly to Mars. This is good on the overall.

3. Prasna Arudha lagna falls in the 5th from Sonia Gandhi's *NATAL LAGNA*, which is also the Udaya lagna
in Prasna chart.

To start with the above points augur well for the prasna. Now let us do the CHART ANALYSIS PROPER. Remember that I am using only the Arudha lagna hereafter.


1. Lagna lord (lagnesha) Mars in the 5th confirms the prasna chart and the question. Mars is well placed since he is vargottama in the karya bhava -5th (Pisces 27 deg 21 min will ensure that he remains in the same sign in the D-9 too, while in the D-3 he will fall in his own sign Scorpio-prasna arudha lagna- being in the last decante.

2. Sirshodaya lagna Scorpio quite good (especially on a Tuesday) for situations requiring assertiveness such
as politics.

3. 5th lord Jupiter (karyesha) in the 10th can indicate children (5th) in public life (10th).

4. Jupiter in the 10th is aspecting Moon in the 2nd (Moon is very important in Prasna). This Moon is also the 9th lord.

5. 10th lord Sun in the 3rd and malefic Rahu in the 6th are both good and strengthen the chart.

6. No benefics in bad places.

7. Trines and quadrants are either unafflicted or have benefic planets mostly (kendras esp). The foundations
are strong. The pillars (kendras) are very strong)

So far fine, but what of the following?

8. Saturn in the 8th is not very good

9. Retrograde Saturn in the 8th is aspecting Lagna lord Mars, Karyesha Jupiter as well as Moon. All the 3
essential planets are covered by Saturn.

10. Though the 11th lord, Mercury is also the 8th lord and thus malefic for Scorpio lagna. Thus a malefic
Mercury as the 8th lord is conjunct the Moon. 8th lord aspecting Saturn in the 8th.


Analyze every planet properly as all planets have some say in the matter though lagnesha, karyesha and moon
are most important. Other planets too reveal the intricacies of the chart better. I would recommend the
Tajika yogas too. I will discuss only the most prominent/relevant yogas here.

1. There is Varthaman Ithsala between Moon and Jupiter (karyesha) with 5/9 relation

2. There is Varthaman Ithsala between Moon and Mars (lagnesha) with 4/10 relation

3. There is no ithsala between lagnesha and karyesha. But as a fast moving planet in ithsala with both
lagnesha and karyesha, Moon **links** them both.

Though the above three points indicate fructification, one important point needs to be noted. Karyesha Jupiter is Retrograde. There may be some repetition, hindrance and delay. Taking karya bhava, lagna lord Jupiter is in the 6th though the chart looks otherwise ok if 5th bhava is taken as lagna.

Lagna lord (with karya bhava as lagna) in the sixth need not be taken as a bad indication when the question pertains to fighting elections, politics etc

especially when remaining factors are positive.

The 8th, 9th and 10th points discussed in level one acquire significance against the background now.
Against this background, **fulfillment of prasna is indicated with part of the query either unfulfilled or
fulfilled only partially**.

Now see the Natal chart of Sonia Gandhi (this should have been seen first which I did. But it is good to see it again after a thorough analysis of the Prasna chart). Though it would be ideal to check Priyanka and Rahul's charts, due the non-availability of their charts, I have to use the prasna chart and Sonia Gandhi's chart.





In Sonia's natal chart from 26th Jan 2004 , in Vimsottari Me-Mo-Sun will operate till 21st Feb 2004 . During this time her child/children will probably give some feelers, some vague and disguised statements, and later retract or amend the statement again and so on, giving rise to enough speculation. But in view of the prasna as well as the natal dasa anytime after 21st Feb 2004 , the entry of at least one child of Sonia Gandhi into active politics seems most likely.

The natal 5th lord (children) Mars in the 6th (competition/election/fight) is another strong indication. For Cancer lagna Mars is not only the 5th lord, but also the tenth lord. From karya bhava too, the lord is well placed.

For the given PRASNA all that can be definitely said is that **at least one** child of Sonia Gandhi will enter politics this year after some deliberation. It looks like *both* may not enter into active politics in a *full fledged* manner this year though both the children will be a great source of strength to the mother during the coming elections.


Subsequent Comments/Feedback from Sri K. N. Rao:  

"The analysis is excellent. In the television they showed both Rahul and Priyanka in  Amethi spending three days, touring all those areas. It is the normal habit of politicians or those who are entering politics to do it and then announce after some days their decision to enter politics.

These are dynastic children, welcome by Indian public ever thirsting for iconic figures from royal-like families. In contrast, they will be welcome in the present controversy relating to the foreign origin of Sonia Gandhi. An attack has been made on Sonia by George Fernandez, reported in the Pioneer. Indian politics is hotting up, the election  eve heat has been generated, battle lines are drawn. We have the horoscopes of two major parties, Congress and BJP..."


Subsequent Comments/Feedback from Mr. Finn Wandahl:

"Very interesting and fine analysis! Good to see somebody actually using the Arudha-Lagna based on numbers between 1-108 as described in Uttarakalamrita and other texts."