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Divisions of Jyotish

  ------ © Dr. Satya Prakash Choudhary

Astrology is a Vedanga (limb of Veda). It is verily the eye of the Vedas, for it sheds light on life. It was originally divided into three divisions - skandhas:

· Ganita

Deals with astronomy and mathematical astrology or calculations of planetary positions and movement. This division was originally compiled into different siddhantas, which were as many as eighteen in number

· Samhita

Deals with natural and celestial phenomenon like earthquakes, weather, epidemics, famine etc.

· Hora: Jataka or Hora

Deals with natal predictive astrology. This refers to interpreting the planetary positions at birth in terms of his past karmas and the results in this life.

Subsequent developments led to Jyotish being classified into six divisions. In addition to the earlier three, the other divisions are:

· Shakun or Nimitta or Lakshana

Deals with the art of divination based on omens

· Prashna

Horary astrology is based on the horoscope for the time of query

· Muhurta

Deals with finding out the auspicious or most appropriate moment for doing any work - Electional astrology.

To isolate any one division from the other is not possible. Jyotish is a blend of all the divisions and a good astrologer should be adept at all of them to offer good counsel to his/her clients.