The MindCare Clinic & Institute of Behavioural Sciences was established by Dr. Satya Prakash to bring together the evidence-based approach and insights of the evolving field of psychotherapy, and the art of management, with the wisdom of the spiritual traditions of Yoga. The Mind Care Clinic is a private practice outpatient psychotherapy service catering to individuals dealing with the psychological, emotional, and spiritual stresses of contemporary life. The Institute of Behavioural Sciences offers training in different streams for general public, helping professionals and corporate houses. Apart from training professionals in areas such as behavioural medicine, counselling, family therapy etc, together the Clinic & the Institute offer four types of services:

For Corporate houses:

  • Executive coaching
  • Training services/Workshops

  • For individuals:

  • Psychological Services/Counselling
  • Health Coaching for chronic illnesses

  • MindCare Clinic

    The MindCare Clinic caters for all levels of mental health need, from mental health "checkups" and self-development programs, through to multidisciplinary care of serious mental illnesses. If you want a professional counsellor to help you with behavioural change, emotional distress and personal problems, or are simply troubled by your feelings, phone us to make an appointment. You don't need to have a mental illness to see us at MindCare Clinic. Personal excellence/ Self-development, Emotional Care, Yoga/Meditation, Hypnosis and other Mind-Body programs are available for all.

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    Institute of Behavioural Sciences

    The Institute of Behavioural Sciences (IBS) is based on Dr. Satya Prakash's vision of an integrated, multi-disciplinary, evidence-based approach to psychotherapy, coaching, leadership, management and behavioural change. Based on this vision the four pillars of activity at the IBS include teaching, training, research and consulting . The focus of IBS is to explore and to encourage the use of a multi-disciplinary approach to further understand and more effectively resolve human problems from the individual and family to all other levels of social organization

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